About Félicité

Happiness at its roots

Félicité, literally translated as happiness in French, is the birth child of our Chef, Cédric Laurent.

Quality at its heart

Freshly made in Singapore, we source our ingredients from Belgian and France for finest chocolate and dairies products.

Our vanilla bean comes freshly from Lifou (New Caledonia). It’s organic vanilla resulting from an artisanal production in small batches.  

All our providers comply with the highest international food standards.


Cédric Laurent began his culinary journey  in Toulouse, France where he was inspired by his grandmother to become a chef one day.

Cédric received his culinary training at Mazamet, in Southwestern France prior to starting his career. Well-travelled across Europe, he seeks to share the diverse tastes and crafts to the dining table of his customers.

After some 18 years of culinary experience in Europe, Cédric decided to start Félicité in Singapore as a return to his first love, french pastry.